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I have am particularly interested in embroidery and studied City and Guilds Fashion and Embroidery courses at Bishop Burton College about thirty years ago. More recently, as I have moved and am back on a livestock farm, I have had more time to return to embroidery. 

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My most recent work is inspired by the unused patchwork patches I found in my late Mother’s effects. I have been using these vintage fabric patches in combination with embroidery and other techniques to create unique pieces of art.

I get my ideas for shapes and patterns from Wood and Bark, Flowers Leaves and Stonewalls and the country side as a whole.
I like to try different fabrics such as Leather Suede Wool as well as Silks and Cottons, and find doing large pieces take dyes differently to small pieces of work.  I belong to small group of textile artists who having done their city and guilds wanted to push themselves and who exhibit their work each year at different venues such as Hospitals as well as Galleries. 

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Much of my work is inspired by archaeology. I find the wide variety of the archaeological imagery provides me with possibilities to use many textile techniques in their interpretation.


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 "...began with felting, but when I came to cleaning my own fleeces, a natural resource, I realised I didn't want to colour them using something man-made. This started my exploration of natural plant dyes."

Christine Cullum: Woven & Felted Textiles

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My current work is mainly applique and patchwork. Flowers and my immediate surroundings are the basis for my work. Much of my current work is made into throws, cushions and pictures as I enjoy having a practical use for the things I have produced.

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I learnt Embroidery from a young age at school and from my mother, and in my late 40’s did my City and Guilds, where I became interested in Far Eastern Embroidery.  This included Japanese Shibori techniques and Indian tie dying and manipulating fabrics.  I have visited both China and India where I was able to see how it was done.

Clare Arminson: Embroidery

I now work from my studio at home weaving and felt making.  The emphasis of my work is on colour and texture. I particularly enjoy merging together vibrant colours  and texture into woven and felted pieces. I continue to experiment with this to produce individually designed scarves, bags, garments and corsages as well as artworks and vessels.

I also use the wool from my flock of rare breed sheep in my work, some in the textile art pieces, but also in a range of soft furnishings I am developing.

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I have a life long love of Textiles. Having studied dress design and fashion I became a freelance designer maker. After some years I returned to college and achieved the Bradford Diploma in Handloom weaving. On completing  the BDH I worked in Leeds running the textile department of a centre   for adults with autism.

I do workshops and give talks

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Sue Giles: Textiles

I have always been interested in sewing and making things. This developed as a child when living on a remote farm I had to find things to do on dark winter nights. 

I have been stitching for as long as I can remember and learnt many textile skills as a child from my mother and grandmother. My work pushes the boundaries of traditional textile handicrafts, whilst retaining high standards of workmanship. A complex design and development process, the use of contemporary design sources and materials, and multiple techniques make these works into pieces of textile art.