Graduating from the Royal College of Art I  had a career as Head of Art at Pocklington School.


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                   Peter Edwards

                   Pete Schoenecker

                   Carol Seaman

                   Hilary Angle

I now work in my studio exploring and expanding on the many techniques I used in my teaching.


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Pete Schoeneker: 2D, 3D Art

My primary concern during the developmental process is with the properties of materials, what they can do and their interaction with each other. My aim is for a sense of substance, current paintings are a combination of rich textures, gestural marks and weathered surfaces.

Peter Edwards: Mixed Media,  lino cuts, painting, raku ceramics

Carol Seaman: Textiles & Silver

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I have exhibited  in Art and Rose Pocklington, Coast Gallery Scarborough, Ferens Gallery Hull, Sewerby Hall Bridlington, Ropewalk Contemporary Gallery Barton, Gate House Gallery Grimsby, Salt Box Gallery Helmsley and others.

I work in many disciplines with the main theme being observation of nature and the environment.

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I have booked a stall at the York River Art Market
2 Saturdays in August  -   19/8/2017   and 26/8/2017

It is situated beside the River Ouse along the railings of the museum gardens between Lendal Bridge and the blue bridge.
Artists of all genre use the railings to display their work and runs through out August.

I work professionally as a graphic designer , whilst also creating these  personal works which give me an outlet for my  more creative expression to experiment with various materials and techniques. The Yorkshire landscape  with its dramatic coastline and big skies are often a starting point for these pieces.

Starting with the views of the local landscape I translate them into unique images often on the edge of abstract- and sometimes over. Crafted
in jewellery, craft art cards, lino and pottery. A varied pallet of colour with a love of texture and technique I bring a unique vision to all my work.


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The finished surface of my work is as important to me as the imagery or idea within the composition. Often the taking away of the surface by scraping or sanding is a key part of the process. The history of mark-making, gouging and rough sanding of subsequent paint layers creates a subtle colour mirage that enriches the canvas.

I prefer hand stitching and enjoy making felt (mostly using an embellisher), silk paper, cords, drop spindle spinning and beadwork, creating a surface or texture into which I can stitch. I also find myself increasingly drawn back to using metal thread in my work. I like the freedom to incorporate whatever stitch techniques are appropriate to the design, as the work progresses.


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I prefer to work with natural images as a source, but architectural forms sometimes provide a stimulating design which I can manipulate. The floor tiles in the Chapter House in York Minster have provided several images recently.

I also work with silver, creating jewellery and other small items, and I am currently investigating using textile techniques with metal, using silver and copper. My silver work has been exhibited in several Open Studios, Gallery 49, Bridlington and other venues along with my textile work.

I have also taught embroidery in adult education settings.

Hilary Angle: Painting & Jewellery

After completing parts 1 and 11 of the City and Guilds Course in Embroidery, I was cajoled into visiting the Embroiderers’ Guild in York, was soon invited onto the committee and have been completely involved for many years. I have had the privilege of serving as both Secretary and Chair within the Branch. I also exhibit with a local group called Diverse Threads and have exhibited my work in, amongst other places, York Minster, Beverley Art Gallery, Richmond Station, York Theatre Royal and 2 hospital exhibition areas.

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Texture and mixed metals are the main themes in my work.  In some of the pieces, small, coloured, mixed media panels, on gessoed copper are married to oxidised silver. Some pieces contain enamelled copper. The coloured panels are inspired by toy paintings,  the silver is milled or forged, the shape organic. Every piece is unique and will never be repeated.

My work uses lots of photographs and references, utilising a small colour pallet in order to give harmony to the composition. The works are multi-layered; using lots of resist, washing away each layer to see what patterns emerge, before re-applying a new resist and fresh layers. Often new landscapes reveal themselves which have the same mood as the original reference but which are more abstract with a life of their own.